i love, love, LOVE polka dots! AND i love old buildings, especially barns...the structure, the old barn wood and the treasures to be found inside! when one is slowly falling apart, my husband and i reclaim that would and build something new. i find joy in creating something with hardly anything.

i have a little barn out back just waiting to be turned into my own little work area...for painting old windows and doors and whatever else i dream of building. which is how my new name "the polka dot barn" came about. i love to create, and i live to create...i like to say i do it all! scrapbooking, building, sewing, painting...anything to be creative.

so what started out as an idea for my workspace became another dream...to open up that little barn into a shop. i used to own a scrapbook store in idaho...and i found that i couldn't live without having another little shop, so here we go again...

SHE designed a life she IMAGINED.
celebrate HER creativity.

i used to daydream back in high school of all the cool things i could be making if i wasn't sitting in class! now i have all the time in the world and i'm making use of it! i love to create and build things, design and dream. i do a little of everything from scrapbooking to sewing, painting, and reclaiming old things...
all with my four little rascals by my side and the support of my loving husband.
i love design and color, i love to mix and match everything from my artwork to decorating my home. it's hard to say what my exact "style" is...but when you see it, you just know it's ME! i don't follow rules, just my heart. i love anything vintage, industrial, modern, rustic, country...
but what i love most is to mix it all TOGETHER! 

-alicia king

visit my shop and be inspired to CREATE

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