coming soon . . .

i'm really excited to finally get this started!

i've been dreaming this up since i moved away from idaho and closed my store.
we are finally settled once again and i can focus all my creative energy into this! i decided to go from "scrapalicious" to "the polka dot paisley" but paisley just didn't quite fit with me.
last fall it finally came to me...

"the polka dot barn."

it's perfect. it's ME. and it fits.

and it's everything i love and want to do. i have years of ideas that have been filling my head...and it's time to start creating again!

sooo... coming soon my new shop of one of a kind paper crafting kits, mini books, and pages with a colorful, vintage, eclectic flair!
a mix of everything i love old and new, one of a kind creations made by me.

and for locals...one of a kind vintage barn finds with my added creative touch! and next year i hope to hold a handmade and vintage marketplace to shop here in utah,
 right from my backyard.
 it may be a little while before we get the polka dot "barn" remodeled...but it will be so cute!